Industrial Insulator Apprenticeship Opportunities in Ireland0

Industrial Insulator Apprenticeship Opportunities in Ireland

Secon Construction are currently on a recruit drive for enthusiastic individuals looking to develop a career as an Industrial Insulator.

Secon Construction Services Ltd is a multi-disciplined company operating in the areas of Industrial Insulation & Cladding and Fire Stopping.  The company specialises in large scale insulation projects for a wide range of clients.

With our own Fabrication workshop, we can produce stainless steel, aluminium, Aluzinc cladding (among others) to meet almost all requirements.    Coupled with our specialist fire stopping division, we offer a multidivisional service for our clients.

You will have the opportunity to work  in the North, South, East and West of Ireland; whilst also having opportunities to work in Europe after you have qualified.

The Industrial Insulator’s job involves measuring, cutting and fitting a variety of insulation materials to pipes, valves, pressure vessels, tanks, ducting, flues or on any hot or cold surfaces for the purpose of thermal insulation, fireproofing or soundproofing. It also involves the cladding of the insulation material with suitable coverings such as sheet metal, aluminium, zinc, stainless steel or other specified coverings and finishes, such as, felt, cement, various rubbers, canvas and foils.

Metal cladding involves pattern layout and development of sheet-metal (mild steel, galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other alloys) up to 1.2mm and the use of various machines.

These patterns would include pipe work, vessels, domed ends, valve and angle boxes, tee pieces, reducers, transformers etc. The patterns are then fabricated by hand and with the aid of machines.

Industrial Insulator’s require many skills including:

  • Working with a variety of specialised hand and power tools •Operation of a wide range of machinery: Guillotine, folding machines, hand & electric swaging machines, hand & electric rolling machines, electric hand shears, hand drills, rotary shears and lock forming machines •Drawing Pattern Development •Insulating pipe work, ductwork, valves, flanges and pressure vessels •Fabrication of all forms of cladding •A wide range of assembly and finishing techniques – self-securing joints, riveting, fasteners, flanging, swaging and banding •Knowledge of non-metallic finishing may be joined by adhesives, banding or strapping •Performing a range of modern cutting processes •Operation of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machinery •Planning, costing/estimating •Quality and cost control •Knowledge and application of energy conservation •Knowledge and application of Health and Safety considerations


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